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Mary Barringer.heic

Mrs. Mary Barringer

Physical Education

A Bit About Me

I grew up in St. James Parish in Lakewood. I graduated from Magnificat, got my bachelors at Notre Dame College, my MEd from Ohio University and half my doctorate from Ohio University and Cleveland State. This is my 36th year of teaching. I taught at St. Bernadette School and Cleveland Metropolitan schools. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but I thought it would be in social studies since I love history. I've been married for 52 years to Dan and have three children and 4 of the cutest and best grandchildren known to man! We've lived in Bay Village all our married life. I play the piano and guitar, and actually had a piano scholarship! But alas, I chose PE because I can do more educating in the gym. I enjoy swimming, running, biking, crocheting, sewing, all kinds of crafts, wood working, construction, baking and camping. I am a state certified basketball and volleyball official and have officiated at State 7 times. I am currently in my 35 year of officiating high school ball. I played softball into my late 60's and now watch my grandkids play.

Favorite Saint: 

St. Joseph, patron of the worker, St. Therese, for whom I am named, and St. Michael the Archangel who watches over me. My favorite Bible verse if the Ascension, when Jesus instructed the apostles.

Why SJS? 

My little Downs grandson went to school and I had no one left to play with. Plus, Mr. Stipek needed me. 

What were the qualities your favorite teacher had growing up?

Do no harm. Don't teach - be an educator. Love all the kids and build self esteem. 

Favorite food: 

Watermelon and fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and chocolate chip ice cream.

Favorite hobbies:

Making wreaths

Favorite place in the world: 

Myrtle Beach, NC

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