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Enrichment Programs


In keeping with our philosophy of educating the whole child, the following enrichment programs are included in our school-wide curriculum for most grades.


Spanish Program

Saint Joseph Parish School offers Spanish twice weekly in grades fifth through eighth. Many of our students test out of Spanish 1 upon entering high school.


Library Time

All students in kindergarten through fourth grade visit the library once a week and have the opportunity to check out books to bring back to their classroom or home. Research skills, study skills, and the joy of reading are all imparted during library time. Students in grades 5-8 have access to borrowing books through their classroom libraries. 


Computer Time

All students in kindergarten through fifth grade spend time weekly in the computer lab brushing up on keyboarding, coding, Google Suite for Education applications, as well as presentation skills and research. Students in sixth through eighth grade receive the implementation of computer instruction within the content areas from their junior high teachers.


Physical Education

Once a week, all students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade participate in P.E. Students learn about the importance and enjoyment of ongoing physical activity, as well as healthy eating habits, how to best take care of themselves and what unhealthy habits to avoid.


Music Programs

Students participate weekly in music instruction when they explore and learn age-appropriate music theory, as well as the value of music in the world. Wonderful spring and Christmas concerts are performed by the students for all families to enjoy.  Students in grades 4-8 are invited to join band, which meets once a week for instruction both in small groups by instrument, and in a whole group as an ensemble. 


Art Program

Saint Joseph Parish School students in kindergarten through eighth grade enjoy weekly art classes exploring different mediums and fundamentals of creativity. You can see the students' artwork at our Open House in January, Reflections Art Contest hosted by Avon Lake City Schools in the spring, at the Avon Lake Public Library in May, as well as various community-based art competitions.

ALPHA Program

Here at Saint Joseph Parish School we aim to help our students reach their full potential. The ALPHA program (Advanced Learning Program for High Achievers) is designed to challenge high achieving students academically. Students in the program will participate in academically rigorous lessons and projects. They will also have many opportunities to develop their leadership skills, connect with their community, explore passions, and challenge themselves in order to reach their full potential. The opportunities presented to students within the ALPHA program are invaluable in helping to prepare them for the future. 


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