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Mrs. Valarie Babics

Junior High History, Geography & Algebra I


A Bit About Me

I grew up in Avon Lake & Lorain and am a proud graduate of St. Joe's & Elyria Catholic High School.  I then earned my degree in education from Bowling Green State University. I coached CYO volleyball all through high school and college, hoping one day maybe I can dust off the old clipboard and return to coaching!

I am married with two wonderful children, who both attend St. Joe's. 

Favorite Saint: 

As a police family, we rely on St. Michael the Archangel often! 

Favorite Religious Holiday: 

Christmas! I love the family traditions we have, the seasonal music, and the Christmas Eve Mass is my favorite! 

Why SJS? 

When I was a student in Ms. Bader's class, I told her that I wanted to grow up and be a teacher just like her and teach at St. Joe's.  After teaching in Cleveland for eight years, mission accomplished! I love the sense of family and community that the school and the Parish fosters. 

What were the qualities your favorite teacher had growing up?

Ms. Bader (yes, the very same one) was (still is) patient, loving, and made learning exciting and fun! My other favorite teacher raised the standards of expectation out of us students and challenged us to difficult tasks.  Both teachers are ones that I model myself and my teaching style after today.  

Favorite food: 

Fresh coastal seafood! But when I'm in Ohio, Italian! 

Favorite hobbies:

I love to cook, bake, read, & too often find myself tangled up in home improvement projects or organizing!  

Favorite place in the world: 

Too difficult to choose just one, East Harbor State Park where I enjoy tent camping every year with the family.

My grandmother's childhood home in Reading, England. 

Washington D.C. (I mean, the history! Gah!)

Fripp Island, South Carolina, home to the aforementioned seafood obsession and the most beautiful beaches I've been privileged to walk on. 

Finally, St. Joe's! I spend most of my time here, and I love being around my students! 

After school clubs:

I stay after school for math tutoring, homework club and assist with our Academic Challenge team. 

I also am looking forward to working on the School broadcast. 

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