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Admission Process + Forms


Open enrollment occurs throughout the year. At the beginning of November and during the last week of January, the school hosts Open House dates for all interested families. Registrations are accepted on a rolling basis. Interested families are encouraged to fill out the request form by clicking the button below or contacting Mrs. Sharon Scrivens at 440.653.5622 or

Registration for the upcoming year is available upon request. Interested families are encouraged to apply early.

Admission Criteria

Students applying for acceptance to kindergarten must be five years of age by the year of enrollment as verified by an original birth certificate. A readiness screening, conducted in the spring before kindergarten entrance is required for admittance.


Catholic Education

Saint Joseph Parish School is pleased to accept students of any religious faith. Because the teachings of the Catholic Church are an integral part of our mission, all students must take part in religious functions in which the students are engaged during school hours. All students are expected to participate in classes of religious instruction. 


Transfer Student Policy

All transfer admissions are subject to the approval of the principal and are based on criteria that include acceptable school records in academic, psychological, attendance, and conduct matters. Transfer admissions are also based on space availability. The Saint Joseph Parish School administration holds the right to require specific assessments for entrance into its academic program. 


New Parent Orientation

The PTO hosts gatherings for new parents and students throughout the summer months to familiarize them with the school. 


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