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After School Program

Vikings Club

The Vikings Club is an after-school care program for the working parents of Saint Joseph Parish School children. The club accepts children in grades PK-6. The after-school Vikings Club includes snack time, homework time and supplemental educational activities such as crafts, recreational activities, special events, field trips, computer time, movies and much, much more.


Vikings Club will meet daily when school is in session. Children will go from class to Vikings Club at 2:15 PM and care is available until 6 pm with designated pick-up times at 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm, and 6 pm. Parents can create a Vikings schedule based on their work schedules. Vikings Club begins on the first day of school and meets in the school cafeteria. 


Who will care for my children?

Saint Joseph Parish School teachers and faculty members will care for your children along with The Vikings Club Director Katie Gerba, who has a Master's degree in Education and oversees another local after-school care program.


If you have any questions or you would like to register for Vikings Club, please contact Katie Gerba at 440-871-5153 or by email at


Typical Day at Vikings Club

2:15 PM - Check-in/ Change Clothes

2:25 PM - Free Play

3:00 PM - Snack

3:30 PM - Homework & Quiet Activities

4:30 PM - First Pick-up

4:30 PM - Special Activity

5:30 PM - Second Pick-up

5:30 PM - Homework & Quiet Activities

6:00 PM - Last Pick-up

Fee Schedule

The Vikings Club is self-supporting and receives no subsidy or other income.

  • Annual Registration Fee of $25/family (non-refundable) 

  • $4.00 hour/child (includes snack and consumable materials) 

  • 10% off for two (2) or more children 

  • $5.00 late fee for every fifteen (15) minute increment after the designated pick-up time, paid on the day it occurs. Fee must be paid for child to return to the Club. Three (3) or more late pick-ups will result in a review with the Club Director. 


NOTE: A separate charge may be made for special events, activities or field trips not included in the regular fee. A statement will be issued the last week of every month indicating the balance due for the upcoming month. Payments will be made through the FACTs program.

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