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Junior High 6-8

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Saint Joseph Parish School provides students with a balanced curriculum. We focus on developing the whole child while instilling morals and values critical to helping children reach their full potential. Below are the Standards we achieve in accordance with the Diocese of Cleveland's Curriculum Standards.


State Accredited

  • Saint Joseph Parish School is accredited in the State of Ohio and meets all requirements established by the Ohio Department of Education.


  • Math leveling begins in seventh grade. Leveling provides greater individualized instruction to meet the needs of all students per aptitude and achievement.

  • IXL is used for practice and math reinforcement.

  • In grades 6-8, math skills are systematically reviewed and reinforced with the supplemental math series, Simple Solutions.

  • Students have the opportunity to take advanced math courses, including Algebra I. 

  • Students participate in Math Labs which give them opportunities to extend their numerical reasoning, logical deduction skills, and spatial reasoning through projects, hands-on activities and collaboration with peers. 

Language Arts:

  • The English language arts curriculum develops the skills of communication: reading, writing, speaking, listening, reviewing, and researching.

  • Novel-based curriculum features poetry, non-fiction, short stories, and websites studied through the lens of our Catholic faith.

  • Strong focus on writing, including journals, poetry, literature analysis, and research papers.

  • Membean extends and enhances the development of vocabulary in grades six through eight.

  • Students utilize their writing skills in the Power of the Pen statewide writing competition for seventh and eighth grade students, and students practice weekly after school. The Power of the Pencil is an in-house writing program for our sixth graders. 

History & Geography:

  • The Social Studies curriculum utilizes all of the skills acquired and developed in the language arts classes and applies them to informational text about Ancient World History (6-7) and American History (8). 

  • Students study the locations of the countries of the world, with weekly assessments and work on map skills. 

  • Students are able to distinguish between fact, opinion, and reasoned judgement in a text.

  • Students present research findings on a specific topic, sequencing ideas logically and using pertinent facts, descriptions and details.


  • Maintaining the latest technology is a key element of St. Joseph Parish School's commitment to providing an engaging learning environment that simulates student interest and achievement in the classroom. 

  • Promethean ActivPanels, the most up-to-date classroom technology, are implemented at every grade level. 

  • Students are provided with Chromebooks for 1:1 learning and are engaged in projects that require them to create multimedia presentations including; webcasts, podcasts, movies, and slideshows. 

  • Students and staff utilize Google Suite for education. 


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