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Primary K-2

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Saint Joseph Parish School provides students with a balanced curriculum. We focus on developing the whole child while instilling morals and values critical to helping children reach their full potential. Below are the Standards we achieve in accordance with the Diocese of Cleveland's Curriculum Standards.


State Accredited

  • Saint Joseph Parish School is accredited in the State of Ohio and meets all requirements established by the Ohio Department of Education.


  • All students benefit from differentiated instruction in math and reading with the use of Edmentum Exact Path program.

  • Math enrichment activities are provided for students at all grade levels.

  • In grades 1-8 math skills are systematically reviewed and reinforced with the supplemental math series, Simple Solutions.

Language Arts:

  • The English language arts curriculum develops the skills of communication: reading, writing, speaking, listening, reviewing, and researching.


  • Saint Joseph Parish School meets the Technology Competency Standards established by the Diocese of Cleveland.

  • Students in grades K-5 attend weekly computer classes. Instruction includes basic computer skills, keyboarding, graphing, Internet research, presentation skills, word processing, cloud computing, Internet safety and coding.

  • Maintaining the latest technology is a key element of Saint Joseph Parish School's commitment to providing an engaging learning environment that simulates student interest and achievement in the classroom.

  • All classrooms have wired and wireless Internet access.

  • ActivBoards, the most up-to-date classroom technology, are implemented at every grade level.

  • Students in grades K-8 are provided with Chromebooks for 1:1 learning. 

  • The Mac OS X system, with its iLife software, camcorder, and digital camera, enables teachers and students to make slideshows, movies, podcasts, and web pages.

  • A Mobile computer lab, including 36 MacBook Pros and printers, brings the benefits of technology to classrooms of all grade levels throughout the year.

  • The Design Build Studio is a space where students collaborate to explore, create, design and develop their learning into real-life experiences, products or presentations.


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